Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This MOMMA was so ready for school to start, and I think the boys were ready too! It's just too hot and I guess I am not creative enough, they were BORED, everyday! Teagan started third grade this year and his teacher is Miss Silvas. Rayle started first grade and his teacher is Ms. Blatter. We are excited to kick off another school year!!! 
Go Noah Webster Basic School!!!
 The boys before we left this morning. I wanted them to hold a sign in chalkboard paint, but funds were low, so we just used the chalk board instead.
 Rayle 1st day of 1st grade and he is six years old. He has lost one tooth, and prefers to wear pants over shorts. He has a little crush on a girl in his class...ALREADY!!! They were in kinder together! Lately he was not excited about school, but this morning he was all smiles and ready!!!
 Teagan 1st day of 3rd grade and he is eight years old. He has lost eight teeth and thinks that's funny as he is eight year old. Teagan loves school, and was more anxious to start than Rayle, however most of his previous classmates are in a different room this year. :( 
 The boys classrooms are right next door!!! What are the chances! Teagan's teacher moved up from second grade to third grade, and their rooms are in the first/second grade pod.
 Teagan at his door. Did not want us to take pictures wanted to go play. Told us we were wasting their time, HELLO we are the parents and it's our right of passage! 
 Rayle's room had the glare, so not a great picture! He was anxious to go to the "big" playground where Teagan has gotten to go since first grade. (kinder and preschool had a separate play area)
 Rayle with daddy!
 Rayle with mommy (geez I look like crap, didn't sleep well, I was too excited to sleep!!!)
 Teagan and daddy!
Teagan and mommy!

Last year Ashlyn had HUGE tears when we left her brothers behind. Not this year, she was A-okay to leave them at school. Tomorrow is her BIG day!!!

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