Monday, August 13, 2012

Get in my belly!!!

Some of our friends are moving to CA for school and we were able to go and see them one last time before leaving. I wanted to bring something, and thought about what to make. It's hot here so I wanted something easy and refreshing. So I thought about this yummy yummy! It's so easy to make. It's ice cream sandwiches, with a layer of cool whip, then more ice cream sandwiches and cool whip. You can do as many layers as you need, this was two layers of each. I also smashed up some cookies and added that to the top of each cool whip layer. Generally you use candy bars, but I didn't want to deal with melted smashed chocolaty mess so I opted for pre-made cookies. Much easier, and NO MESS! Only difficult thing is the ice cream sandwiches were melting as I was prepping, but I made sure it had hours in the freezer to set back up. LOVE IT!!!

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