Saturday, August 4, 2012

Harry Potter Day

A friend from church told me about an event at a local library for Harry Potter. Oh my was it lots of fun. This was last month as I am just uploading pictures so have not gotten to it. The boys were VERY excited about going. There was so many things for them to do and it was all FREE. It was very well attended, maybe too much in such a small area. One thing I would have done differently is had the events grouped for age groups because there was an age limit but the older kids are well larger, and with my little guys it was hard. Also Ashlyn did not like the fact she could not participate in the fun as the ages were 5 and older. The event gave me lots of ideas as we want to do a themed party next year for the boys birthdays. A very fun day! Will be on the look out for more fun events next year!

 Teagan ready to have some fun!!1
 Rayle wanted to dress up and convinced Teagan to do the same at the last minute. 
 Ashlyn ready to...sit in the stroller!
 Teagan and Rayle with the cut out of Ron, Hermione, and Harry. Ashlyn did not want to go near it for some reason. 
 Teagan and Rayle with their pipe cleaner glasses.
 Dobby the house elf, HOW COOL IS HE!!!
 The boys with Dobby.
 Teagan and his Butterbeer, I wanted a better picture with a full cup but he had to try it first! And those cups really made it so fun! I have the recipe for the butterbeer too!!! And will be on the look out for the cups!
 Rayle and his frothy drink!
 Making up potions the boys liked this!!!
 Hard at work creating a magic potion that even Professor Snape could not fail!!!

 The boys got to spin the wheel for a fun toy!

 The kids were able to color house ties and wear.
 Saw this sign before we left and I had to laugh!!!
 The boys with their Gryffindor ties.

The event was something else, lots of work went into it and you could tell. Just again it was hard to move around because of LOTS of people. My boys really enjoyed the time! Can't wait to use some of the ideas for our party next year!!!

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Jessica/Patrick said...

I didn't even see Dobby, how did I miss it?! Oh ya I had 2 cranky/crying babies & 1 crying nephew who thought I abandon him....

I heard someone say that they think they have cups like that at Smart & Final, so check there when your searching!

MUCH too crowded, but fun times :D