Friday, July 31, 2009

The Boys

Here are some random recent pictures of the boys. The summer is almost over, and I can't believe Teagan is starting kindergarten this year. We have everything ready for school and he is getting to bed early and on a schedule. Next week I will have him start to wake up at 7 so he is up for school and can begin the day. We have less than 2 weeks. I am an emotional wreck! Rayle will also start preschool, and I hope that he has such a fun time. I know he will learn SO much and we are excited to send him to Dawn's where Teagan went last year. Next week we have meet the teacher. Five years has just flown by way to fast! I hope Teagan enjoys school. I will miss him so much. I hope that the baby comes before he starts school so that Teagan is able to be home and be a big brother during the day. I hope Rayle does not go into complete shock with Teagan gone all day too. All these changes, happening so quickly!
Teagan all smiles.
Rayle smiling his "I don't really want to smile but since you asked I will."
Okay this is something of an everyday occurrence. He is back on a Buzz kick. He watches the movie and acts the parts out. So this is the beginning of Toy Story 2 where Rex is playing the Buzz video game. Rayle gets all his characters out and lines them up to play the parts and so they can watch the movie. It is so funny, until he wants to rewind it a billion times.
We watched the Carver boys and I thought this was too cute to pass up. Teagan was on the computer so Spencer had to sit by him and do his "homework" too. He kept telling me he was doing his homework like his daddy.
Teagan trying to read to Spencer. Spencer was not that into it. But Teagan tried.
Brian flying a kite, or trying. Not too much wind.
Action shot. Rayle jumping into the pool. You count to 3 and he would jump on 2!
Teagan swimming and enjoying the cool down.
Rayle and Daddy enjoying the cool water.
Teagan holding his nose as he jumps in. I think he let go as soon as he hit the water.

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