Friday, July 3, 2009

Some Family Fun

Last weekend we celebrated our niece Callie's 4th birthday at the Children's Museum in Phoenix. We had never been and the boys enjoyed the party and the museum. Here are a few snaps of the day.
Okay this is not at the museum but it is so funny! Again another shot not at the museum, but where does this kid get his style?? He is so funny!!
Rayle scooting around the museum.
Brian and Teagan on what Teagan called the "mall cop".
Teagan shopping in the grocery store. Do you have your coupons??
Look at that face. He better not want to race cars when he is older!
Teagan enjoying the sprinkles and frosting of the cupcake he decorated. He literally just ate the frosting and sprinkles. Mom happily finished it though!
Here is Teagan frosting the cupcake. Now for those that are not family members, notice the tongue. We all stick out our tongues when we are concentrating and working hard. It is funny that the trait is now passed along to my children.
I love this picture. Brian snapped it while holding Rayle in his lap. Too cute.
Mommy helping Rayle decorate his bag that he got to take home.

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