Friday, September 7, 2012

BassPro Family Fun

Picture overload, sorry in advance!

Last weekend we took the kids to the BassPro Family Fun Day, I seriously love how they offer things through out the year for the kids. They generally enjoy! There were four different activities to complete for a prize, also hot dogs, face painting, a craft, and of course just being in Bass Pro is enough for our kids! Ashlyn again brought up Santa, seriously this girl is too funny! A few more months hon! The activities were great and the lines not so long. The longest wait was for the face painting. Teagan had a little melt down when Rayle won an extra prize at the first activity, the fishing. The kids had to net one single fish and if there was a number on the bottom they won. They had three chances and Rayle won on his last chance. Teagan started crying and getting up set. At the end the metal detector Teagan won two prizes and now it was Rayle's turn to be upset. Of course he was also hungry so I take that into account too. Ashlyn did pretty well the entire time! Just the whistle Teagan won drove us nuts! Who gives kids whistles as prizes? They blow them right into their already flustered parents ears! Not a good combo!!! They also had free hot dogs so that was cool. By the time we got over to the craft the kids were spent, so instead of doing something else we just went home. Man I thought we had fun, but this post is most about the negative time the kids had. Well the concept was fun, but my kids were just the issue I guess. I guess next time I will load them down with food before hand and not allow anyone to get a prize, then we will be all smiles...yeah right!!!

 Teagan is upset here!!!

 I wanted a picture, but oh no he can't smile even a little!

 He requested a Zombi. 
 Rayle didn't want to get his face painted, I think he was hungry and just wanted to hurry up!

 Ok we were about to leave and this is a CUTE and ALL smiling picture!!!

Can't wait for the other fun activities at BassPro! I think the cowboy ones is coming up next, and they kids LOVED that one!

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