Monday, September 10, 2012

Kindle Fire

Last month we opened up a new checking account. We plan to put money into the account and save up to make home repairs. The reason we went with the account we did is because it offered a gift. There were quite a few choices to pick from, but I had my eyes on the Kindle Fire. I am so glad that I picked this option. 
I. LOVE. IT!!!
I have been able to read more, and I am not sharing with kids with sticky icky fingers. However, I am afraid it will get dropped or thrown. We are getting a sturdy case soon! I know next year for taxes I will have to pay some of the price of the gift, but that is okay. I am super excited for all this little device will bring. Brian likes it too, when it's not in my hands and he has a chance to use it! ;) If you want more info check out 1st Bank! You can apply online for a checking account, and don't forget to use me as a referral!!! 

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