Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ESCOPPEA Hey it's spelt just like the word ESCAPE

Nap time and bed time are NOT an enjoyable time for Ashlyn. Nap time is now out of the question. She will not lay down and sleep but would rather destroy her room...literally! Yesterday she stuck a metal necklace in the outlet that had her night light in it. Yep tripped the breaker thank goodness nothing worse then a burnt outlet, and not a burnt Ashlyn! Well a few weeks ago Brian was installing a new window AC unit and Ashlyn locked her door. Notice the door knob is turned around, why because she can pop off the handle covers and was able to get out of her room. Her closet handle cover is covered in duck tape so she can't open it. And girls are SUPPOSE to be calmer! HA!!! Anyways Brian was locked in and banging, but we couldn't hear the help he was calling so he let himself out. Well we now need a new door. No worries just put some cardboard in the hole until we can get the door. Well that won't deter our little escape artist if there is ANYTHING she can climb she will. One night we were watching TV well after we had put the kids to bed Brian had a feeling we were being watched. He turned around and there was Ashlyn on our stairs. Brian was POSITIVE he had locked her door. So we investigate. She must have stood up on her quad and put her arm through the door and unlocked the door! Man what that little mind must be thinking all day! So we take the quad out and put her back to bed. Five minutes later she was out again. This time she used the Batman Cave that Rayle had "given" Ashlyn. Well now we made sure nothing except her bed and pillow was in her room. Bedtime was finally achieved. But unfortunately naps are out. She still needs them as right now she is in a fool mood and screaming at me. UGH what to do what to do. 

 The door! The hole and the lock are pretty far from one another.
Her first tool of escape!
 Her second tool of escape!
Showing mommy how she helped herself out!

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