Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkins Shumpkins

Some friends invited us over on Monday to carve pumpkins, and it was a lot of fun. 
(Sorry if I talked so much and gave unwanted advice. I have that problem, I will blame it on being my mother's daughter.)
 I really love Halloween, and carving pumpkins is so much FUN. I know we carved some before the kids were born the first few years of marriage as well. I found both ideas on pinterest and knew that the boys would enjoy them. Rayle drew his picture on the pumpkin before I could stop him and it needed to be a certain way so that it would work. I think he was happy that I took over. Well maybe I guess I should allow them to help out more, but with artwork it's hard for me to allow it done in their way and not mine. UGH I have a problem! Teagan did the drawing for his pumpkin and I carved. I fixed a few areas so that the image would not fall into the pumpkin right away. Can you guess what we did?

 Pikachu and SpiderMan.
 Here is Pikachu from Pokemon.
 Here is SpiderMan.
The pumpkins with the lights on. 
Still need to work on Ashlyn's! And these guys are looking sad after only a few days carved. Darn AZ Heat! WE WANT FALL!!!!

Thanks again Perkins for having us over!!!

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Ashleigh Perkins said...

I"m so glad you guys came over!! IT was a fun night & your pumpkins turned out awesome! Ours were molding by Thursday & we had to chuck them :(. Good times, though!