Monday, October 29, 2012


Tomorrow is Ashlyn's Halloween Party at preschool and we are suppose to supply juice boxes. Well I couldn't just supply any old juice box, it's HALLOWEEN! I needed to bring a little fun to the juice! So I decided to paint monster on the boxes and bring a little holiday happiness. HOW FUN ARE THEY!!! It was a lot of fun making these, little time consuming, but that's okay! Ashlyn is worth it! I made five different designs and I made three of each design. I hope that all the kids enjoy them!

 Here is a group shot of all the monsters.
 I made some Jack-o-lanterns.
 I made some mummies.
 Some Vampires.
 Here is a CandyCorn.
And LOL Frankenstein! 

Lots of fun! I made sure that the paint would NOT bleed through last week and painted a box and then waited a few days and opened it up. The painted did NOT bleed into the box and ruin the juice. Also I only painted the fronts. I left the backs unpainted so I didn't have to misplace the straw and possibly lose any when in the painting process. Lots of fun and LOTS of cuteness!!!

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