Sunday, October 21, 2012

Biscuit Donuts

Tried another pin on Friday. I made some donuts for the kids. Okay I started making donuts for the kids and then Brian got home with a box from Bashas. So I save these for Saturday. Totally fine and tasty the next day. Here is the pin. It was super easy and I dressed them up as the original pin just made circles, not sure if she made donut holes, but I didn't want to waste anything. I had a fun pumpkin cookie cutter so I went with that it being "fall" and all. LOL Fall it's still in the 90's here. Anyway I made up these donuts and pumpkin bites and then dipped them in cinnamon and sugar...YUM! The kids thought they were cute and yummy. 

Here is my cute little cookie cutter!!!
 The pumpkin hole and the pumpkin bite. 

 After the dough was in the oil fried.
 First dipped in melted butter, and then dipped in the cinnamon and sugar.
I only made one package of biscuits, and that seemed enough for the kids.


Jessica/Patrick said...

Well, Friday IS donut day at Bashas after all!

The Gibson's said...

Jessica yes buy 1 dozen donuts get 1/2 free except if your Brian and forget that a dozen=12 and only get 16 total donuts!