Saturday, October 20, 2012

DeWitt Stables Pumpkin Patch

Today we were able to use a Groupon I purchased a few weeks ago and go out to the DeWitt Stables. It was so much fun! The kids really enjoyed the time we spent there. They had a little maze made out of hay, a bounce house castle, pony rides, little barrel rides, a hay ride, pumpkin patch, and petting area with goats, chickens, ducks, peacocks, turkey, rabbits, and pig. Ashlyn was VERY excited about the pony rides! It was funny to see the kids in the maze and trying to figure out how to get through. Ashlyn even squeezed through at one point...cheat! Also the kids and Brian tried their hands at the roping too! I was able to get our Groupon for $7 as I had a credit of $5. I think it was a great price for all the activity that we were able to do. Most importantly we had fun as a family!

 Teagan making his way through the maze!
 Ashlyn CHEATING here! LOL
 Help I can't get out of here!!!
 Brian helping the kids to get through the maze.
 Teagan, Ashlyn, and Brian. Rayle didn't want to do this.
 Sitting up on some old equipment. What a knock out he will be some day!!! Cute kid!
 Ashlyn roping!!! She just through it up.
 Look at that face and her excitement! Her first time riding a horse!
 What a pro!
 The young man that led Rayle let him borrow his hat, it was so sweet!
 Giddy Up!!!

 Teagan's turn! He also borrowed the hat.

 LOL his ears! We need a bigger hat!
 This was on the hay ride.
 AWWW I love you! Giving the goats some love.
 Here is the barrel ride. 
 Ashlyn did not want to ride with Teagan, but we didn't want her falling out.
 Enjoying the day with my love.
 The kids were able to ride the ponies twice. Here is another picture of Ashlyn riding.
The entire family! It was a fun few hours to spend with each other!!!

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Ashleigh Perkins said...

We went on Saturday, too! Love that place :) You got some really cute shots of your family!!