Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teagan graduates from Preschool!

On May 20th we were able to attend a graduation for Teagan from preschool. He is on his way to kindergarten. It was a wonderful evening. The children performed a skit and it was very cute. Dawn Spier then had them get into their caps and gowns and receive their diploma's. She got each of them a tassel with 2009 which they were able to keep. What a wonderful idea. It was nice to watch the children and see their excitement. On the 21st was Teagan's last day. It was a swim party and after having over 14 days of 100+ weather it rains. The children still swam and all was good. Mrs. Spier made up little yearbooks for the children to keep and they got to sign their names on them. Again I am just amazed at this women and I am so thankfully that we found her ad. I know Teagan is ready for kindergarten even if I am NOT! Here is the video of the skit and some pictures from the graduation and the last day of school.

Our spider that wiggles and jiggled inside her.

Here is Teagan and his teacher Mrs. Spier.
Teagan in his cap and gown. HOW CUTE HUH!?!
Teagan receiving his diploma.
Teagan showing his diploma off.
Teagan and Karstin eating goodies after swimming.
Here are all the preschoolers with a few extras.
Teagan swimming away.
Here are some of the kids eating popsicles in the pool. Thankfully no one spilled.

He did not like the other children splashing him. I was laughing because lately when we swim it is just us.

What a great few months Teagan has had at this preschool. We look forward to taking Rayle there as well in the fall. When you find something good you stick too it. We are so proud of Teagan and all that he has learned in such a short time there. Thanks again to Mrs. Spier for a wonderful semester.


Theresa C said...

Your little graduate looked so cute in his cap and gown!

Heidi said...

I love the little graudation caps and gowns, how cute! I would LOVE to take pics of your boys. I really could use the practice so let me know! You can email me: