Saturday, June 6, 2009

Diapers, we don't need no stinkin diapers!

Rayle will be three in about 10 days and he is now DIAPER FREE!!! He has been trained for over a month, but I did not want to post anything unless he lapsed. He wears pull-ups at night but really does not even need them. He had 1 night where he went in his pull-up and he was so upset about it. He wakes up every morning dry and when the pull-ups run out we will have not be buying anymore. I am so grateful for this little break before baby #3 makes her way into the world. Even there I am really considering using cloth diapers. If anyone has some good ideas or pros and cons to cloth diapers let me know. I heard about ones that grow with the baby so you don't have to keep buying them in bigger sizes. That is a wonderful idea of just one large cost up front. Also ideas on washing them, because a diaper service is not in our financial realm right now.
Most importantly, I am so glad Rayle is potty trained!!


Diana said...

Congrats! That is soooo exciting. I'll have to give you a call sometime to get the boys together now that it is summer. How are you feeling?

Alex and Melissa said...

That is so wonderful. Jacob hasn't worn diapers in the day for about two months now, but he will NOT go #2 in the toilet. We have practically told him we would buy him a new house and he will not go. Any ideas on that I would love. When he has to go he says I need a diaper and if we don't he freaks out and will hold it for days. I don't know what to do.
Geez didn't mean to go on about my issues just wanted to Congratulate Rayle.
A couple months diaper free, WOO HOO!