Sunday, June 14, 2009

JUNE 12th

June 12th my honey turned 29. One more year, and it's all down hill from there! j/k! This year I felt really bad because well we have no money. What could I do for Brian? Well about a week before I got a call from my sister. She said, hey you guys want to go to a D-back game? I was like sure, since we only went to a spring training game this year. So the game was for Friday, June 12th. I asked Brian if he wanted to go to the game for his birthday. He said that was cool and it would be fun. Brian's aunt offered to watch Teagan and Rayle, and they spent the night there too. That was so nice! For dinner we hit Alice Coopers. They have really good food! Well the tickets we had were AWESOME. We were five rows behind home base just to the right between the plate and visitors dugout. The net stopped like the seat next to us, and thankfully there were no crazy foul balls we had to deal with. It was a GREAT game. There were at least 5 broken bats, and I think 3 home runs. The D-backs brought a win of 8-1. After the game there were fireworks. Baby... was going crazy as they were going off. That was kind of fun to feel. After we went back to my sister's and played Guestures. Candy and I played against Brian and Candy's friend Brett. However the boys could not keep up with us!! Brian, I hope you enjoyed your birthday a little. I know that this year has not been the greatest for us so far, but it can't last forever. Next year will be better, even if I have to sell an organ or something, we will do something BIG!!!!

Here are some snaps from the game, also I did not zoom in on some of these:
Brian smashing the players! I thought this picture was funny!!!
One of the runners SAFE at home plate!
Brian and me.
Candy, Brian, and I.
Here is all of us: Candy, Me, Brian's head, and Brett.
The D-backs congratulating each other.
The fireworks!


Heidi said...

How fun! I love the pic of you and your hubby together. How nice to have an evening away from the kids!

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Brian! You are almost over the hill, so enjoy your last youthful year. :) J/K Glad that it was fun.