Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finishing up May's craziness

On May 22nd my Grandmother Hummer turned 80. We have been in the works since February for her big party. I have a cousin that lives in New York, and my aunt, my grandma's daughter lives in Florida. Also one of my sisters came out from PA. All Grandma knew was that her sister was coming out for a week and it happened to be around her birthday. On Thursday night my cousin flew in from NY, and Friday morning she came over to surprise my Grandma with a birthday gift. My Grandma was SO surprised. She had no idea that my cousin was coming in for the weekend. Later that night my aunt and her youngest son flew in from FL. Again on Saturday morning my Grandma got a surprise. It was fun, I guess my Grandmother had talked to my aunt on Friday while she is at the airport waiting to fly here. It was so fun. My Grandma was so excited. My uncle came down from Payson and so my Grandma had quite a few members of her family here. Well on Saturday night we surprised her with her actual party. It was great because the party was at my sister's and my Great Aunt had never been there so it was a perfect rouse to get them there without her knowing. My Grandmother is so special and I am so grateful for her. She has done SO MUCH for me and my family in the last few months. Also through out my life she has just GIVEN AND GIVEN. She took my siblings and I and my cousin to so many places during the summers. We have driven cross country to PA and to FL more than once. They had a place in Payson until I was 15 and we practically lived there during the summers. She is very generous and I hope that someday that I can be half of what she is. And she has done all this in her late 60's, and 70's to boot. She just goes and goes and sometimes does not know when to quite. Right now she is in FL helping my aunt deal with her divorce, and then she is going to Kansas City to help a friend after her surgery. She comes home on June 28th. I don't know where she gets her energy. In September she is off to Hawaii to my cousins wedding. She is all go and it makes me tired just thinking about it. My Grandmother has three children, my dad was her first born Clifford, my Uncle Tim, and my Aunt Lily. She has 10 grandchildren: Chad, Jenifer, Me, Candy, Kai, Karli, Jamie, Sam, Molly, and Adam. She also has two and half great-grandchildren: Teagan, Rayle, and girl Gibson. Grandma I love you and I don't know what I will do when your time comes, I want her to live to be 100, but she told me no way! I didn't get too many pictures, and the ones I copied from facebook looked bad when I tried to enlarge them. Here are just a few.
Even Tank joined in the swimming fun.
Teagan swimming, he would not get out of the pool that day!
Cousin Jenifer soaking up the AZ sunshine.
My Grandma, her friend Heather, and my Great Aunt Toots.
My crazy Uncle Tim

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