Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fish'in with the Boys

Two weekends ago myself (Dad) and Grandpa Jon decided we needed to get out and take the Boys fishing. We went to Willow Springs the 1st day where Teagan caught a small Bass within 15 minutes of being there. The 2nd day we headed towards Heber and went to Black Canyon Lake where we all caught something. Grandpa Jon had a hard time keeping his reel together and Teagan perfected his casting. Here's some pics of our adventure.

Teagan's First Bass
Rayle catching a Trout
Teagan and Grandpa Jon
Rayle posing
Oh no Grandpa fishing for his reel Ah saved it from the bottom of the lake
Teagan and Rayle fishing
Teagan waiting to catch that "big" one
Brothers, ah so cute!
Brothers hanging out in the rain, glad they took jackets.

1 comment:

Diana said...

I don't know much about fish, because when you said he caught a Bass, I was thinking this fish half his size. I wondered how Spencer would react to a fish that big. :) Sound like they had fun!

BTW, Tyler's always asking me to go fishing with him and the boys, so I'll have to send him to Brian's way.