Wednesday, May 27, 2009


On May 16th Candy, Dana, and I went to see our ALL TIME FAVORITE COMEDIAN Brian Regan. If you have never heard of him, shame on you! j/k He is so great, and he has clean comedy. It was so much fun to go out one last time before Dana moves. And to go to Brian Regan was the best! The first time I heard a Brian Regan joke was like when I was 14. Dana had gone hiking with us and she was needing a distraction so she started quoting these jokes. IT was so funny. Her family had a VHS tape of a comedy special, and seriously we watched that so many times the sound on the tape started to fade. I have seen him 4 times. He is awesome. We decided to make up shirts with some of our favorite jokes and wear them. Of course I did not take too many pictures, but oh the memories are so worth it!! Again if you get the chance then check him out. He is to die for and his facial expressions ARE THE BEST!!!!! We took my dad before he pasted and he even loved him! Thanks Candy for the tickets. They were some of the best belated birthday gifts I have ever gotten. Here are a few pics.Dana's shirt: The big yellow one is the sun. My shirt: I should've got the medium. Candy's shirt: How do I get that goodness in me?
We also did the back side.
Dana: You Too is case you ever fly someday. Mine: Whens that baby due? What Baby? Um at the zoo. The pandas, Linling when is she due? Candy: K.A.T. I am outta here.
Here we are at Dodge Theater. It was great right on the first row of the 3rd balcony in the middle.
Here is the best pic I snapped of Brian on the big screen. He was on the other night on Comedy Central, and I just love it!!

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