Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 5, 2009

Teagan officially turned five on May 5th. This year was his special day because he turned 5 on the 5th. Teagan had preschool that day so the night before I made a fun shirt for him to wear.
I made cupcakes and we brought them in to share before it was time to go home. All the kids loved eating them. For dinner we went out to Red Robin (second year in a row for Teagan, he loves that place). Red was not there, but Teagan enjoyed his dinner and liked the waiting staff that sung to him. Also when Teagan was born we got a set of plaster containers for each year until he is 5. So we did that as well. You know what is horrible though, every year I got his hand except 3. I should just do Rayle's since he will be 3 soon. They are the same size an all. J/K I will just have 1, 2, 4, and 5 little hand prints. Teagan did really good will the plaster. He is not a big fan of having messy hands and he is improving on this tons. Come on he is a boy and they are suppose to LOVE to get dirty!!
Teagan ready for preschool wearing his shirt.
Cupcakes for preschool.
Teagan with his friends enjoying their cupcakes.
One of the boys, Connor being silly.

So because Teagan turned 5 on the 5th I got him some scratcher tickets. No we do not gamble, it was just for fun. When I turned 9 on the 9th I got a lottery ticket from my mom. No I did not win! However Teagan won $23! He has more money than Mom and Dad!!Holding up his winning tickets! By the way those machines do not give back change, I wanted 5 $1 tickets and put in a $10 so Teagan got more chances, but oh well, live and learn and do not gamble!

Teagan getting ready to do an impression of his hand.

Here we go, hand is down and fingers look good.

Smile for the camera!!

Here is the finished hand print. He only needs a few inches and his hands will be as big as moms. Well I do have little kid hands:0)

Here is Daddy and Teagan at Red Robin! Teagan told the waitress as soon as we sat down that he was 5 that day. It was too cute!

Here is Teagan hiding behind some balloons as the waiting staff was singing. He shared his ice cream a little!!

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Alex and Melissa said...

Your such a great mommy, I love Teagan's shirt, and those cupcakes looked yummy. I bet he is just loving school. It is so hard the first couple of days when they go to kindergarten and then your like woohoo.haha I can't believe Emma is going to be in 1st grade, now that's scary, there is just no turning back they just keep getting bigger and there is nothing we can do about it.