Wednesday, May 16, 2012


And there is a lot of yard to work!!! Brian and I have wanted to finish up our front yard landscape for over a year, but the funds have never been available. Also there is A LOT to do and finish. Last year we were able to put down some sod, which drastically improved the look of the yard. We also wanted a sidewalk put down and even dug out the area for it. It sat for a year, with sand and the exposed sprinkler lines. Finally this year we were able to complete that section of what we envision for the front yard. (I think that back yard is hopeless, it's so much space and the dogs don't let anything last back there!) We were able to, and by we I mean Brian, made up some planters last year too. They have just held dirt though! So we were able to finish the sidewalk and plant some veggies/fruits and flowers. It totally changes the look, and now all we need is about 20 ton of rock. Anyone up for donating that? Hopefully soon we can do that too, but right now, I am pretty pleased with the new yard look!

Okay these pictures were after we did the sod, I know I took some before that was laid down, but I can't find them right now. Isn't sod just BEAUTIFUL when first laid!?!? It's so GREEN!!!

 This area before sod was put down and there are no planters in front of the windows.
 The planters in front of the windows! The boys laid sidewalk where the pavers are.
 Our main sidewalk sat like this for over a YEAR!!!
 This is the planter on the other side of the door, and also a sidewalk was poured.
 Looking at the front door, pretty BORING!
 Right side of the door planter with some strawberries, peppers, cucumbers, squash, and watermelon.
 Left side of the door planter we planted some flowers! I have since added more flowers!
 Getting ready to pour, it was cheaper to get a truck then buy bags and mix themselves. Also it was a LOT quicker!!!
 Working hard!!!
 Smooth that baby down!!!
 OOPS!!! Grandpa Mike did you do that???
 YEAH looks good!
 Added lines, this is the left of the door.
 This is the right of the door.
 There was a 10% chance of rain the day they poured the concrete, yeah try a 100%. Brian was worried it would get ruined when it rained later that day, but it held up. Thank goodness!!! So glad it is finally done!!!
I have more pictures after the rain of the front of the house. I will share those later. 
The sidewalk is great, I love having an even surface to walk on. So many people have tripped on the pavers or where there was a lift on the original pad in front of the house. LOVE it!!!

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