Saturday, May 26, 2012


Here are the yummys for the Lego Party we had for Teagan. Love the little lego men protecting the cupcakes! Too fun!

 Here is the cake I made for the occasion!
 Frosted in red, okay salmon more like it. Darn frosting wanted to stay pink. 
 Kai looking good on our Lego Ninjago cake!
 One of Teagan's friends lent me a Lego cake pan and instead I used it to make a lemonade ice cube! I had a clear pitcher that I tired to use and you could see him floating in the juice, but come to find out it was CRACKED and leaking all over the counter! So made a quick switch but then you couldn't see him soaking. :(
 Here he is soaking in a pink lemonade bath.
 Here is the spread, except it's missing the fruit platter that Brian made. I guess I spaced setting it out when I took the picture. I love the look of all the BRIGHT PRIMARY colors. Seriously Yellow, Red, and Blue just work so WELL TOGETHER!!!

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