Friday, May 11, 2012

Sea World

I love Sea World, seriously great memories going there as a kid. I prefer to watch the animals than stand in a line for a ride. The boys loved it too, and I think Ashlyn enjoyed all the animals. During the Dolphin and Shamu shows we sat in the Splash Zone like FRONT ROW. Thanks to the Carver's for lending us a poncho, but we still got pretty wet. The boys were kind of whinny about being wet, but they were the ones that wanted to sit down where we got wet. Also Brian's and I's favorite place to eat the Calypso is so YUMMY, and Brian even made sure that there was no BBQ sauce on mine as I can't have tomatoes. So SWEET! This birthday I hope was one Teagan will never forget! It was a wonderful day the weather was  perfect! And we were with friends! 
 Ashlyn checking out the dolphins
 Dolphins were active they were splashing a bunch of people just to our left.
 I thought this tree was pretty cool. It would make for some wonderful climbing.
 Before getting wet and waiting for the dolphin show to start.
 Ashlyn waiting so patiently.
 Aww dolphin kisses!
 So cool!
 Shamu jumping!
 Our soaked children!
 What Teagan picked for dessert after lunch. Yum!
 Little baby sharks. So cute!
 Ashlyn starting an expedition. She and Rayle had a hard time sharing this. We were waiting for dad and Teagan on a ride. Other parents wanted to snap pictures of their kids, but Ashlyn and Rayle didn't want to give up command of the boat.
 Teagan is on there with dad, but well at least his forehead is.
 Sea turtles are so COOL!
 The Polar Bears didn't fancy a swim when we stopped by. Love watching them.
 This is the Walrus not great shots of him though.
 I LOVE the beluga whales, they are so graceful! I could stay and watch all day. There was this guy with a huge camera though and he would not move, but took a million pictures. The kids had to squeeze in for a view. REALLY, let someone else have a turn to see.
 More sharks and Manta rays.
 Brian and Teagan are on this coaster.
 Teagan did not like it!

 It's been a LONG day!
 Rayle caught a shark!
 I would totally drive this bug around! So fun!!!
The boys before leaving!

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