Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Photo Phone Wrap Up

Say that five times fast! Here are some photos to wrap up our San Diego get away. It was nice to get out of the heat for a few days and spend some time with the kiddos.
Momma duck and her ducklings!!!
So cute!
This is another momma and babies swimming in the pond on the hotel grounds.
Teagan and Rayle enjoying some sunshine!
Hard to see but the boat to the right of the larger one is the one we took for a moon night cruise on the 5th.
On the cruise.
Huge chess game
They were pretending it to be Wizards Chess since we have been reading Harry Potter!
Ashlyn makes her move!
I love how Ashlyn and Ashley are holding hands. Too Cute!!!
We bought these sun glasses at the beach because it was SO bright. Then she breaks them not an hour into our drive home! What to do!?!?!?!

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