Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What an ANGEL

Okay maybe just her hair, as she has been MADAME DESTRUCTO lately! These pictures honestly don't do the actual style justice. I wish I would have taken more pictures of her hair, but we were trying to get out to church. I started the french braid just above her right ear. I braided in a diagonal across her head. I wanted to do a bun with the tail of the braid, but it was not long enough. I just tucked it under and bob-pinned it. Then the few wisps of hair that hung out I curled with a tiny curling iron. She really did look beautiful!!! I will totally do this style on her again!!!
 She hates posing for pictures sometimes. No smile!
 Back view
 Bun/tucked up under the braid.
Side view where I started the braid.

I was thinking about cutting her hair and donating it, but honestly I LOVE being able to braid and do her hair in fun ways. I am torn!!!

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