Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Ugh we had literally just replaced our windshield three weeks ago, and BOOM a huge rock hits us. This one was bad, like made a crater in the window. I need to call my insurance and hopefully I am not allowed only one free replacement a year. The rock/crack really messes with my vision while driving, and that baby will spread I am sure like wild fire.

The windmills are one of the thing I always enjoyed seeing on the way to California, it meant we were getting closer! They are so HUGE! Teagan surprised us when we asked what they were used for....wind energy! Then when asked what kind he made sure to again put his parents in their place...electric energy! Smarty pants! 
The ride to San Diego was okay, the kids watched some movies on the ipad,  thank goodness for that thing. Ashlyn however is not a fan of carseats though. So she had a few melt downs. But we made it in good time so that helped.

I also love the canyon outside of San Diego with all the boulders. I remember those enormous rocks as a child on the way to Campland at Mission Bay as well. LOVED THOSE SUMMER TRIPS AS A CHILD. It was where our family vacationed every summer! And we drove with no tvs ipads cd players. We just sang our hearts out and played car games. I could never handle that with my kids!

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