Monday, May 7, 2012


We pulled a fast one over on the kids, aka Teagan and Rayle. Not really too sure how much Ashlyn pays attention and when we should start talking in code so she doesn't share with big brothers all the happenings at home. Anyway, Saturday was Teagan's 8th birthday and we wanted to do something really special. I had won a trip to San Diego and we have not had the time to use it yet. Well why not go for an extra birthday treat! So we set up going, but kept mum about it to the boys. On Friday morning we woke them up at 4 am!!!! But we set all the clocks ahead three hours. SNEAKY!!! They were both like it's not time to get up the sun is not up yet, but we had them check the clocks and sure enough they said 7 o'clock so they bought it. Brian even set the car clock ahead too! We told them maybe there was something wrong with the sun and it had not come up yet. I think there was even mention of an eclipse and that was why the sun was not up! So we always leave our house at 8 am to take the kids to school and when we got there in the dark no one was there. So we turned around and said, "Well what about if we just miss school and go to San Diego instead?" Honestly I thought they would get excited about it, but it really didn't sink in. I think because it was just TOO early!!! As we were on the road adn reality was sitting in they got more excited about missing school and going to have some fun! So we left AZ around 5 in the AM, and got to San Diego before noon. We made great time....wait I made great time. Also we had our friends decide to go to San Diego the same weekend, so another treat vacaying with some friends. Check in was not until 4 pm so we huge out with the Carver's at their hotel. The kids swam and had some fun watching cartoons. I will break down some blog posts about the trip with pictures!

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Anthon and Ashleigh Perkins said...

That's awesome!! What fun parents you guys are!! I bet he'll remember this birthday forever!