Monday, May 28, 2012


I think I made Honor Roll just a few times in elementary school. And I don't recall what you had to have to get it like all A's or were B's allowed. The boys school wants 90% and better to be on the Honor Roll, and they are both in above average levels in their grades. They both were on the Honor Roll for the entire year! What smart boys! The school held an assembly and Ashlyn and I were able to go and watch the boys get their medals and then each grade level had a slide show. It is always fun to watch for your own children, and sometimes you are on the slideshow too. For Rayle's assembly he was on the slideshow a few times and then I was with a funny face because I was giving the kids some instructions when I helped out in a class project. For Teagan's assembly he was on it quite a bit and then our family was for the Fright Fest when we were dressed as the GhostBusters. That was pretty COOL! So very proud of our two young men and their hard work to get all straight A's!!!

 Rayle coming in to sit down for the Assembly.
 Ms. Wade the school's director talking about the achievement of Honor Roll.
 Recognizing the teachers and aides. This is Mrs. DeMarco Rayle's teacher and aide Ms. Tami.
 Rayle enthusiastically getting his medal, you can smile it's OKAY!!!
 Love this picture of Rayle and his teacher Mrs. DeMarco!
 For Teagan's assembly we were able to sit in the front row, Ashlyn kept trying to get to Teagan though, so that was NOT enjoyable!
 Teagan's teacher Ms. Bittinger being recognized. 
 Teagan pumped to get his medal!
 Teagan waving at Ashlyn and I!

Teagan and his teacher Ms. Bittinger.

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