Sunday, May 27, 2012

PARTY time

It is time to kick it into gear for some birthday fun! There were a TON of kids and I think they all had fun, maybe too much as we had to limit the amount of kiddos in the bounce house. The swing was also a huge hit. Funny thing, I guess most homes don't have a swing in their trees. For all the kids I made Ninjago masks and as I was snapping pictures I asked them to do their best Ninjago move. It was funny as half of them listened and the other half was just standing. It was a very fun day, and honestly the less stressed I have been before and during a party!

 Had to make a girl version, she kept this one for most of the party time. What a cute little Ninjago!!!

 What a SMILE! I love this pic!

 Rayle was so cute helping with the presents! Teagan got a Lego Batman set and Rayle IMMEDIATLY took it inside so it was "safe". Too funny. Glad Teagan is so willing to share his spoils!
 I love this pic of our friends little boy. Mask to the side and upside down he seriously wore it so good! He looked very hip!

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