Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's Great to be 8!!!

I can hardly believe that Mister Teagan Clifford Gibson is now eight years of age! WOW! He is such a wonderful boy and honestly makes being a mom so rewarding. He is smart and funny, and very caring of his brother and sister. I love that Teagan came to us first, because had it been either of the other two, I think our family would be a single child home! I am so glad that we could make his birthday super special and spend it in San Diego. We have not had his party yet, as I pushed it back to finish up some yard work, but he is patiently waiting for it. What a great kid. Since Kindergarten he has been on the honor roll! That will be 12 quarters of awesome grades!!! He loves to read and he loves school. He wants to be a scientist these days, but I think like all little kids that changes often. We are dealing with some major asthma problems and it's so hard to seem him struggle to breath. Hopefully we can get that under control! I love Teagan so much and I am so grateful to be his mom. He is the best!!!

I wish we could find backdrops this this here, can't always drive to San Diego for some wonderful picture scenery!!!

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