Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mission Beach

It's a popular beach and I know probably not the best out there, but it was literally a few blocks from where we stayed in San Diego. Before we headed home we wanted to get in some beach time in, even though it was in the 60's. The kids played in the surf, we saw some dolphins, I swear I saw a shark break the waves and come up out of the water with it's nose, and the kids just enjoyed the time before getting back in the vehicle to come home. The Carver's were able to meet up at the beach for just a little before we had to leave. We choose to go to the beach, and then back to the hotel to shower and check out. Grateful for the shower because Ashlyn was COVERED in sand. 

 She was knocked down by the waves again I am sure!

 Cold Kid!

She got mad and through herself onto the sand face first. This is her getting up.

A little sand in the face, nose, mouth, it's the BEST!

Dolphin RIGHT THERE!!! Where there are Dolphins there are sharks!

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