Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kinder ready or not she's coming!

Last Monday night was Ashlyn's preschool graduation. Even though I have seen the same graduation twice before it seriously kills me of the cuteness! Ashlyn was adorable of course and she is going to rule the room I am sure in kindergarten. Hope we don't get too many calls of her being miss bossy pants. I love that girl and am so blessed to be able to raise her and be her mommy! She is also going to be one amazing big sister as well!!! I can't wait to spend some special time with all the kids this summer and make next year start off great. 
Ready to go! 
"Mom let me make a face!" Sass!!!!
Side French braid. Love her hair!!!
Side view 
The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. Ashlyn played the bird. Teagan took these pics as I was filming. 
She's looking at daddy! 
Class picture I love the panoramic I don't even know how Teagan took it haha it's cool though! 
I think daddy's flash was off. But here's Ashlyn smiling with her preschool diploma. She's off to graduate school haha!

Miss Dawn gets the kids tassels I actually came across Rayles just recently. It's too cute! Ashlyn was super excited about getting to keep hers. 

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