Monday, May 5, 2014

Teagan is 10!

May 5, 2004 I became a mommy!!! There is nothing like your first kid making you a parent. I love all my kids but Teagan was the one that brought me into the realm of parenthood. He is such a caring and intelligent boy! I am proud of him and he does well with everything he tries. He's smart and listens and is very helpful at home. He is going to be an amazing big brother!
All the boys at Teagan's party. What is with them all taking off their shirts??? Silly boys. 
Teagan allowed me off the hook and I made ice cream pies instead of cake. Yum! 
Teagan got lots of great gifts. These are from Aunt Candy and Uncle Brian but the best gift is when they move to AZ!!!
And I had to use this. Aw!!! Lehi and Teagan I drove in from Coolidge to have pictures for Father's Day. So sweet!

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