Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rayle makes Honor Roll

Today we got to attend the awards assembly for Rayle. Seriously that kid makes me happy...most of the time. Okay really we both struggle with each other. I think I push his buttons and he pushes mine! But when he's sweet he is SWEET!!! Every year Rayle comes home and complains about school and all the work. He says it's too hard and blah blah blah, but I know he is capable. He is in an advance class and through the year he has maintained an average grade level of 90% or better. Today he was rewarded for his hard work with his Honor Roll medal. His smile shows he was proud of himself I just wish that on the days he is ranting and raving that he can remember the joy of having that medal and knowing how he got it. Also seriously how cute is he!!! I know we are bias as his parents but dang we make some cute kids!!!!
Rayle shaking Ms Wades hand. 
It's blurry but Rayle waiting for his classmates to get their awards. 
Entire class Rayle is at the top just to the right of the kid holding up the certificate. 
Rayle and his second grade teacher Mrs. Barberio
Our handsome soon to be third grader!!! Master Rayle Carter Gibson great job son! 

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