Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Easter

I know that it has been a week now but we finished up celebrating Easter this past Sunday. When you have a split family you do what works for everyone. Teagan started off with a party at preschool. He came out wearing this oh so cute mask. I made these treats from an ad on T.V. and it was so funny one of the little girls came up to me and said I saw those on T.V. I said me too that's where I got the idea. She was too cute.On the Saturday before Easter we got together with Brian's step dad and had some fun. Teagan and Rayle do so well with other kids that they hardly know. They had lots of new buddies to hang with. When we got home the boys helped Grandma decorate some bunny cakes for the next day.
On Easter Sunday we made the trek up to Payson. It was nice to get out of the valley if only for a few hours. We had a great time and enjoyed my side of the family. One great thing about being pregnant and volunteering to bring something is that you can pick something that you have been craving for months. So I made a spinach and artichoke dip. After dinner the boys had fun playing with bubbles, I mean Uncle Chad and Daddy had fun with bubbles. Our boys had fun chasing them too. We had an Easter Egg hunt and Teagan has become such a pro at finding eggs. Of course the Easter bunny visited our house before we left too. The boys got some good loot. To finish up our Easter celebration we got together with my mom, step dad, step sister and brother in law, and sister in law yesterday afternoon. Teagan and Rayle love having fun with their cousins. We had another egg hunt and just hung out. This time of year is so much fun. Just wish it were not so HOT already!

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Diana said...

Oh, I bet the boys were loving all the Easter activities, specially the candy!