Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Teagan's First Day in Kindergarten

Five years where did they go? Today Teagan started kindergarten. He is going to Noah Webster and it is all day. We took him this morning and saw him off on this new adventure. It was weird having him gone all day. I was moody and though I did not cry had a hard day at it. Rayle only asked about Teagan once. Maybe because it is new, he may have a harder time next week. On Friday they will both be at school so that will be interesting. Rayle started preschool this week as well but I will post about that tomorrow. Teagan was so funny when he got into the car he said they went to recess a lot today. Recess and Lunch are the best things about school, I guess.
Teagan and Daddy on the way to school.
Walking up to the school.
Before school started.
Teagan lined up ready to go in.
Teagan in the classroom.
Getting into the car ready to come home!


Theresa C said...

It is so hard to send them off to school! But once you get used to having them gone... you'll start to enjoy it. I love the picture you got of Brian holding both boys by the hands. So sweet!

Psst.... I want to keep reading your blog, so add me to the list!
I think you have my email addy :)

Jessica said...

Oh, I hope Teagan loves school. I remember Sy's first day.

Teagan looks like such a big day, and it looks like he had fun. Those full days sure wear them out though.

Tara said...

HOW CUTE IS HE??? Aww they really do grow up so fast.