Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Land of Legos

Last week was Teagan's Spring Break. We had decided to make a trip last minute to CA and go to Lego Land. It was so much FUN!! We asked my mom to come with us to help with the kids. On Monday morning we headed out on the road. It was a good drive with just a few whines here and there, but hey for being in the car for over 6 hours I can take a few cries. We got to Carlsbad around 5 in the evening and had some pizza. We were right off the I-5 and so close to Lego Land. It was like 10 minutes away. On Tuesday morning we got up around 7 and got ready. The park opens at 10 but we wanted to get gas and get there early. Our hotel had a wonderful and filling complementary breakfast for us. So nice that we did not need to take care of that. With our trusty GPS we found Costco and filled up our tank of gas. The Costco was so close to Lego Land too. Seriously just up the street. We got to the park about ten minutes early and headed in for a day of fun. As we went into the park we headed left, I think most people did so the first ride we waited about 30 minutes. That was about the longest wait we had. There was hardly anyone there it was nice. Most people were like us there from out of state on Spring Break. As we were walking to see more of the park we saw face painting. The boys have never done this so we decided to get that done. Rayle LOVED it. He is still asking about painting his face. I need to get some and learn how to do it. The boys got to drive their own Lego cars which they loved. We well had a wonderful time. Ashlyn did so good too. After the park we decided to go to Costco and buy some food instead eating out. We found lunch for the next day and a great chicken salad which we put on rolls. What a yummy dinner. Wednesday we went back to the park and did some rides we had missed the day before. The park was just about perfect for our boys. There were only a few rides that Rayle was not tall enough to go on, and even though Teagan was tall enough there was one roller coaster he did not want to go on. Then there was one ride that you had to be four to ride, on Tuesday we had said Rayle was four so he could go. Well Wednesday Mr. Teagan tells them he is three. Rayle cried and cried because that had been the one ride he had been wanting to ride all morning long. Oh well what can you do. We think that the trip was a nice success and would go back again sometime, when Rayle really is four! Here are some pictures from our days out of AZ.
Teagan and me ready for take off
There were many things made out of Lego’s it was very cool. Here are some zebras
Mini Lego cities. This was so cool.
In the car driving and yes the two guys behind us came along! j/k
This is the ride Rayle got "kicked" off the second day
The family at LegoLand
My mom and the boys outside of LegoLand.
The boys after they got their faces painted. They both sat so still. I have never seen them ever sit that still.
A whole lot of tired and wet faces here
Ashlyn sitting on a camel just relaxing.

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Heidi said...

How fun! I've never been to Legoland but I'd love to take the kids there. Looks like you had a blast! How nice to have your mom along too.