Monday, August 29, 2011

Forgotten...okay no just lazy

I have not been motivated to get my camera and upload the pictures it contains, so therefore I have not posted a blog in a few months. However I do use Facebook like crazy for all to keep up with our family. A friend mentioned that there is an app for Blogger so here we are, I am blogging from my phone. It's faster than my computer anyways, stupid PC's so want an Apple. Anyways just an update, school started a few weeks ago, and both boys are enjoying it. I am loving it, as this summer really took a toll on my patience. Teagan is in second grade and doing well still as smart as ever. Rayle was moved to the highest class before school started, made me super happy. He is reading and doing so well. Ashlyn turned 2 TODAY!!! Wow where have the last 730 days gone??? Thankfully she still loves to nap so I can get a few things done in the day. She loves to watch Tangled, and its on at least once a day sometimes more. She is a cutie, but stubborn. I think we will keep her. Anyways I will try and update some back posts soon.

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