Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 14th never forget

Brian almost died March 14th. I am so over emotional! I am so grateful that I found him when I did and took the actions quickly yet calmly to get the help he needed. He had been working on his truck and the transmission came apart and while Brian was under the truck it started to roll down our driveway. Brings body was in the way and literally he stopped the truck from rolling into the street more than it did. Our front door happened to be open and I heard a crash and him yell. Well with Brian that's not an uncommon thing but something told me to book it outside and I found him unresponsive under the truck stuff up under the drivers side. Rayle happened to follow me out and I told him to run to get Jesse Brown our neighbor two doors down. I ran and got my phone and dialed 911. From the time I found him and the paramedics arriving took less than 10 minutes. They pulled him out from under the truck and loaded him up. I didn't know what I would find t the hospital. I got the kids loaded and headed for my moms house to drop off the kids. I kept Nolan with me since I was not prepared and didn't have any bottles ready. Candy met me at moms and she drove me and Nolan to Scottsdale Osborn hospital. This hospital is known to be a great trauma hospital. When we got there and got to see Brian we learned that he had to have a ventilator as he was struggling to breath while in the ambulance. X-Rays also showed he had 8 broken ribs, a broken sternum and left clavicle. His lungs were also bruised. He was sedated and was on the ventilator from r 24 hours. He was finally able to show he could breath on his own and that was a great day. Brian doesn't remember a whole lot of Sunday and Monday. Tuesday the 17th he had surgery to repair his clavicle. He now is the proud owner of a melt plate and some screws! Brian was released from the hospital on Friday 20th. We are happy he is home but it will be a long road to recovery. I am just glad that Heavenly Father didn't choose now to take him from us. Jesse Brown gave him a blessing while under the truck. He also got a blessing from our Bishop while in the ER and the night before his surgery. 
We have had lots help and prayers on our behalf and I know they have all been felt and appreciated! 
Out of surgery! 
Home and starting to heal! 

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