Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well Miss Ashlyn is 3 weeks old already. How are the days just flying by? The boys are back from staying with my mom and we are just living. The only thing that is difficult with 3 children now is the fact that Teagan is in school and everyday we need to be up and at them to get him off to school. I am NOT a morning person so it has been hard. Brian has taken Teagan to school everyday, which I usually did before Ashlyn was born. Thankfully Brian is home. Once he starts working again (whenever that will be) I hope to be able to have some kind of schedule down. Ashlyn is a WONDERFUL baby. She eats and sleeps so well. One thing I don't get though is people ask me if she is sleeping through the night! Hello she is 3 weeks old and nurses! Don't they know anything. Nursing babies generally don't sleep through the night. And the boys, heck they still don't sleep through the night at 3 and 5. I gave up nursing them a few months back! j/k!! Last night she did sleep a good 6 hours though. I feed her before 9 and I had to wake her up at 3ish. I was like it's been awhile, I hope is she is still alive! Then of course after she finished I could not go back to sleep. I guess I had enough sleep for the night and was up for the day.
Ashlyn's 1st bath at home.
Ashlyn and I.
Teagan and Ashlyn.
Teagan wearing my crazy socks.
Last week we went to a drive in movie with the kids. It was FREE since it was customer appreciation day. It was the boys first drive in movie. They enjoyed watching the movie from the Yukon. They also enjoyed running around before the movie started too. We saw UP (what a cute movie). We left after it was over but could have stayed and watched Night at the Museum. Teagan had school the next day and it was late, plus we have already seen it. We plan on going again since it is so cheap. Adults is $6.25 and children 4 and older is $1. That is cheaper than Brian and I going to a movie alone!
The kids at the drive in.
Waiting for the movie to start.
Rayle actually took this picture of us. Pretty good job.
Thursday is Cold Stone Make a Wish Donation night so we plan on getting some yummy treats for a good cause. Then we may go camping this weekend. We will see!


Alex and Melissa said...

Yeah, a new blog. Ashlynn is so cute. The boys seem to just love her. I didn't know Brian wasn't working, how long?? Stupid railroad!! Looking at your pictures is giving me baby fever....almost.

Diana said...

Let us know next time you go to the drive in... we would love to join you guys.

I saw the sign on a Cold Stone about the fundraiser, I meant to text you to find out if you wanted to go together like we did last year. :) -- Make it a tradition We're going to be in town tomorrow night. Maybe we should get together for some ice cream! Yum!

Darrel and Missy said...

It's so weird to see you with a baby girl! I'm jealous you got to go to the drive-in with the kids. It looked like fun!

Reid and Brittney said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I have never thought about that, great idea.

andrea said...

Sounds like you are having a blast! You are such a great mom! Maybe now that the weather is cooling down (finally....) we'll bump in at the zoo again!?