Saturday, October 17, 2009

Getting Out

Teagan had a few days off for school this week. Not an October break, but just Thursday and Friday. Weird I know but the rest of the break is over Thanksgiving week. We decided to go to the museum and see the dinosaurs. The boys love this museum. It was the Southwest Museum, but now it is the Arizona Museum of Natural History or something like that. We have not been in awhile. Like Rayle was not this mobile. Let's just say I did not really get to enjoy the visit. I was running and chasing him around. We plan to go back when Brian and I can actually enjoy reading the info, so some time when Rayle is in school. ;0) We did have a good time, and more importantly the boys had a good time. Ashlyn slept the entire visit. :0)
Boys panning for big gold strikes.
Rayle and Brian on the movie screen.
Teagan and me on the movie screen.
Ashlyn sleeping on our museum visit.
The boys putting a puzzle of a dinosaur together.

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Heidi said...

That's a great museum. Looks like fun!

Email me. We can still do pics, in fact, this Wed. I'm doing a family's pics at the temple if you want to do yours either before or after. Let me know.