Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ashlyn's Blessing

On November 1, 2009 we were able to bless our precious little girl. We are so grateful for this wonderful daughter that Heavenly Father has given to us. Ashlyn is such a great addition to our family. She is so sweet and we love her very much. Thank you to all that came to the blessing. A special thanks to those that drove up from Coolidge, the Skousen's, Carver's, and the Niu's. Thanks so much for being there for us on this special day. Also a big thank you for all the family that joined us. We are grateful for all of our family and the love they share with us. I decided to have Ashlyn wear the dress that I was blessed in. I hope that some day she can bless her little girl in the same dress.

Just had to point out look at Brian and how he is holding Rayle's ear. haha Rayle was trying to run in to the very busy street. What a stinker.
On a side note: I was painting Ashlyn's new room (yes we are moving :0) and I will blog about that another day) and the room is pink and brown. Teagan made a comment that I want to write it down so I don't forget. He was concerned about the colors and if Ashlyn would be okay with those choices. He said mom what if the doctor was wrong, what if Ashlyn does not grow up to be a girl. I laughed so hard!!!


Alex and Melissa said...

I see you are catching up on your blogging...I have lots to do also. I can't wait to hear where you are moving to!! Congrats. Your kids are so cute, I love Teagan and Rayles spiky hair do's.

Heidi said...

She looks beautiful in her blessing dress! And LOL about Teagan's comment! Can't wait to hear about your move.

Darrel and Missy said...

Kayleigh (and the new babe)'s room is pink and brown too so I'm curious to see how you're going to do it!