Thursday, December 3, 2009


Wow so posting about Halloween now. Slowly catching up. Halloween night our ward had it's Trunk-or-Treat. We had chili, corn bread, hot dogs, and dessert. Then the children did their trunk-or-treating. This year I did not have to buy any costumes. Teagan wanted to be Spider Man and Rayle was Buzz Lightyear. Ashlyn used the fairy wings and a tutu we bought for her first pictures. After the ward party Brian took the boys down the street we live on to finish out the night. It was a nice holiday. We carved our pumpkins the day before. Teagan really like doing this, but Rayle wanted nothing to do with cleaning the pumpkins out.
All our kids dressed up.
Teagan and Rayle at the Trunk-or-Treat
Ashlyn and her First Halloween.
Rayle's pumpkin
Teagan's pumpkin
Teagan working on his pumpkin.
Teagan and Me cleaning the pumpkin out.

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