Monday, January 11, 2010


We had a busy December as most people do. Teagan had his school performance. So cute. We had multiple Christmas gatherings. My sister moved to Florida. We went to the temple lights. Then of course Christmas day. On top of it all we also moved into our new home. So yes it was a crazy month. Here are a bunch of pictures. I will post about Christmas day on another post entirely.
For my Mom's side we went to Rocking R Ranch. We had dinner and a show. It was so much FUN!
Here is the entire gang.
Here is the stage and singing fun.
Here is our princess. So cute.
The boys wanted to wear this Santa hat but it was a little small for them. It looks great on Miss Ashlyn though.
My cousin Jordan and his towel. He will never have cold ears again when there is a towel around.
All the boys cousins.
My Uncle made homemade root beer. So good. The kids loved the dry ice.
Rayle and Santa. Okay so when you are 3 years old and you go to see Santa, apparently you expect that Santa will have the present that you want right there. Oh my the fit he through when he did not get that batman suit that day.
Teagan and Santa.
All the kiddos. Ashlyn could care less for Santa.
Here is Teagan and half of the kindergarten classes. They have so many children they spilt the performances into two nights.
Here is Teagan lined up to go on stage. He was so excited.
Us at the Temple.
The boys at the temple.
Walking up to the temple lights. It was COLD that night.
Candy's going away party.
What a picture. Rayle was so excited to be in the picture.


Diana said...

Ashlyn looks so beautiful. It one of her pictures she looks just like Rayle.

Heidi said...

Wow, you have had a busy month! Congrats on moving into your new house!

andrea said...

Looks like fun! That is so exciting that you are in your house!

Candy said...

What.. you couldn't crop my face in on the holiday picture? :)