Saturday, April 10, 2010


We had a really nice and relaxing Easter. On the Saturday before Brian's mom and sister came over and helped color eggs with the boys. Rayle had green hands. It did come off a few days later thankfully! Coloring eggs is so much fun, but I seriously think it took longer to get the color ready then to actually color the dozen eggs they did. Also we made sure that the Easter Bunny can find us that night. The boys and I drew up some messages on the driveway. Gotta love sidewalk chalk. Teagan happened to wake up Saturday night after the Easter Bunny had come. He saw Ashlyn's basket but there was nothing for him or Rayle, he was pretty upset. He actually cried himself to sleep. :0( On Sunday the Easter Bunny did find them all. He left Ashlyn a basket and the boys a note. It said their baskets had been hidden, but he was nice enough to leave some clues to help find them. The boys really had fun following those clues. Later that day we went over to Brian's moms house to have dinner. It was nice and low key. All in all we had a nice a relaxing Easter.

It reads: Enter here Easter Bunny.
We thought the Easter Bunny would like some chocolate covered strawberries, since he is so busy hopping to all those houses. Teagan also wrote him a note.


Laura said...

so cute, what a great idea- finding the easter baskets!

Heidi said...

How nice to leave the easter bunny a treat! He must feel ripped off since Santa gets all the cookies.

Love the chalk drawing. Glad you had a nice easter!