Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring has Sprung

I love living in AZ this time of year. Now in a few months I will want out but right now it is just about perfect!! We have been keeping busy and that is always nice. There are these free build workshops at Lowe's and the boys have gone and done this twice. Each time they have really enjoyed it.
At our first build. It was a mini baseball game.
Painting their projects.
Yea mom helped a little. Rayle's is on the left and Teagan's is on the right.
The boys at their second build, it was a mini see it grow planter box. Teagan really did have a fun time. They have not painted these yet, but we plan too. Our next build is May 1st.
Ashlyn is growing quickly and just in the past few days is moving even more. She is trying to get up on her knees and go but just doesn't know how to do it yet. Her crawl is so different than I remember the boys at this age. Teagan is still doing really well in school and we enrolled him in after school t-ball. He loves it! In a few short weeks he is turning 6! Then school will be out and he will be ready for first grade. I have no idea where the times has gone. Rayle is doing well in preschool but it is like pulling teeth to get any information out of him. He is so smart but does not want to let you know what he knows. Little stinker! He loves pretending to be a super hero and everyday he is someone different. The things he says crack us up. Today he wanted to buy Avatar, I told him no that daddy did not want to buy it right now. He told me that dad could stay in the car and I could go buy it. Hahaha I guess he has not figured out that mommy and daddy are a team yet. We are face painting at Teagan's birthday so I thought I would get in some practice. Here is SpiderMonkey from Ben 10 Alien Force.
Our little Logan...I mean Wolverine.
Teagan and Rayle love their sister, here is Teagan feeding Ashlyn. He did really good until he left the food where she could grab it. She made a MESS.
Teagan was Student of the Week. They went by the first name in ABC order so Teagan had to wait a long time to be the Student of the Week. I had fun making his poster for him.

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Heidi said...

Yay for spring! Those are the cutest baseball games.