Thursday, March 10, 2011

Superstition Dairy Farm

Today Rayle's preschool had a field trip to the Superstition Dairy Farm. I have gotten to go with Teagan and with Rayle last year. I love going and each time I have learned something new. I can't wait until Miss Ashlyn will have a field trip here one day! Rayle loves animals and the outdoors and he enjoyed seeing the cows again. Last year Ashlyn was still very little and did not get alot out of the experience, this year was a lot different. She could not keep her eyes off of the cows when they were near. She loved looking at them. They had three little calves that we could pet and she gave one of them a hug. Too bad I didn't capture it with a picture, but it was a flash of a second and she was done with those little cows.
Ashlyn LOVED the tractor and screamed when we had to go. I guess we need one for home!
Both Rayle and Ashlyn loved the bunnies. They were both very soft and gentle with the animals.

Rayle also LOVED the tractor, and running around. Look at that red face and cheeks. It is toasty out today!! I LOVE LOVE THIS picture of him. It is rare to get such a wonderful smile like this!
Ashlyn and my mom on the hayride. Ashlyn was checking out the cows on the other side of the ride.
Rayle looking at all those cows.
Ashlyn Loved the hayride and looking at all the cows!
Baby horse born and few days ago. SO CUTE!!
Rayle and Mommy.
Listening about what cows eat, and other fun facts about cows. Rayle and Ashlyn ready for the cows. Ashlyn would not stop looking at them.
We had a great time as usual and glad we got to go see all those cows!

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