Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas has come and it was a wonderful time for the kids. The boys woke up to find a few gifts and presents for Ashlyn from Santa, but there was not a thing for them from Santa. We had church at 9 am so we got ready and the boys waited oh so patiently to open the few gifts from mom and dad. They got the goods underwear, socks, and a few movies. Yep we are some AWESOME parents! Ashlyn got a push car from us and new boots, a furReal puppy, and Figit from Santa. So off to church we went and Teagan figured since they had already gotten gifts that Santa didn't need to leave them any. Well when church was over we had them open their stockings and what did we find but a treasure hunt for each boy to follow. Teagan and Rayle really loved it and we excited about their Christmas gifts from Santa. It was fun and and wonderful day spent with our family.

I took more pictures on my camera will have to up load them later.

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Anderson Family said...

I LOVE Santas treasure hunt idea! Might just steal that next year :)