Friday, June 21, 2013

4th of July Rosette Wreath

Last night a friend and her SIL came over and we made some crafts! It was fun to be crafting with some friends and the kids (mine) pretty much just played and stayed out of our way. I started two different crafts last night and finished up one today. I made a wreath with some red, white, and blue rosettes. I wrapped my wreath in burlap first and then added the rosettes. Instead of ribbon I used an ivory colored tulle for my bow. Also I added a little pennant banner with a different material and some twine. I can't wait to put the wreath on my front door, but I need a hook first. I really love the colors because they are muted and not bright. More me!!! Can't wait to finish up my other ideas! Another craft night next week!!!

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