Friday, June 7, 2013

End Of Another Year

The boys and Ashlyn finished the school year strong. Me on the other hand not so much! Homework logs and homework for that matter didn't get checked or at times even looked at. August is a new start...right??? Both boys rounded out with straight A's this school year 2012/2013. For Teagan that is 16 quarters of A's. Rayle is following suit with 8 quarters of straight A's. So proud of our boys!!! Ashlyn loved her preschool and will be attending next year for sure! I just managed not to fly off the handle with a few of my classes. Only joking but some can test you that's for sure! A few pics to share of the end of the year. 

There is a reason we Gibson's are not in the back row. LOL
Loved Rayles teacher Ms. Blatter. I had to rush back to work before Rayles assembly was over. Missed getting more pictures of him and his friends. 
Teagan walking in. Got there early with Ashlyn so we were front row. 

Teagan and his teacher Ms. Silvas
Teagan and his best friend Jacob and friend Cody. 

Next year we are on to conquer 4th and 2nd grade. And mom will have to take a math class so I know what they are learning. LOL

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