Saturday, January 3, 2015

Master Nolan

My due date on 10/23 came and went, something I really didn't expect. Then there was the fact that I had calculated when I first got pregnant that my date was 10/19. Who knows though. I really wanted a baby born in the month of October. It didn't happen. On Halloween we dressed up the family in our Star Wars theme minus our Ewok and set out in the neighborhood. We didn't stay out too long. All the kids were kind of over it, surprisingly. Brian had to work that night so he was kind of hoping all the walking would get labor started. It probably did but not in enough time. Honestly I am not sure when I noticed the contractions but about the time Brian got home I was on the verge of calling him. This was roughly four am on November 1st. I tried calling my sister (her phone was OFF!) and had to call my mom a few times to wake her.  We got the kids up and took them over right away. With this being baby #4 and my contractions coming about every three minutes we didn't want to wait too long. The contractions didn't last very long but were very consistent. When we got to the hospital I stayed with Brian because I can remember sitting in the area outside of triage laboring with Teagan and it felt like FOREVER for Brian to come back to me. So we parked and I walked real slow. Once in triage they hooked me up and all and that bed was the devil! My back was hurting so bad! Turns out Nolan was posterior or sunny side up. It seemed that it took a long time to get into my delivery room. Once there I could not handle the back labor and got my epidural. Of course I was dehydrated so they had to give me lots of fluids before I could get my epidural. I knew I should've stopped for that Gatorade at Circle K. After the epidural I labored and used a peanut ball. Worst thing EVER when you can't move. It helped to bring Nolan down and at 11:50am I started pushing. He was born at 11:53am. Oh I have never felt the ring of fire until this birth. And I am sure it was nothing really since I had the epidural. Man did it hurt down south! Well the doctor allowed me to naturally tear. YIKES! I have always been cut before but apparently they don't do that anymore!!! Would have been nice to know, thanks doc! Well the pain was of course worth it as Nolan Cade was born. I am pretty smitten! He was 7 lbs 11 oz, and 21 inches long. Definitely all boy!  

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